Sublime Frequencies Communiqué

Sublime Frequencies Communiqué


22 March 2015

Radio Vietnam CD: Dusty Groove Review



 PO BOX 17971 SEATTLE WA 98127 USA

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Radio Vietnam CD SF095 

A very cool set that returns to the earliest style of the Sublime Frequencies label – those 90s releases that often had the company grabbing global sounds out of the ether, then committing them to tape! The set here is exactly what's promised by the title – music from the radio in Vietnam – put together at a level that's extremely thoughtful and a lot more compelling than just flipping the dial in Southeast Asia! Each track is kind of a different pastiche of songs and spoken bits – assembled in a way that creates a certain flavor, and really makes a new sort of music out of these invisible sounds from the air. Titles include "Home Village Identity Event", "Induction Temperature", "Hit Zones", "Morning Exercise In The Coded Ether", "Message To The Age Of Twenty", and "America Lost The Vietnam War". © 1996-2015, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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